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Watch video about Mario Maurer’s dream trip to Korea! Make your imagination become a reality! Win a trip to KOREA! http://www.tourimagination.com

2 months ago on 27 July 2014 • 7:37pm


Win a trip for two to KOREA now! Take the chance to make your imagination become a reality (7/15~8/31) http://www.tourimagination.com

2 months ago on 27 July 2014 • 7:34pm
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as requested by anon, the latest primal footmark subbed. all thanks to junishinobi and takarisma for the translations! 

white=taka, yellow=ryota.

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ksdjhsjhd i just have to do it!! kjdhskjdh (//w//)! <3!

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UNLOCKED: Boyce Avenue’s “Speed Limit” in 45 minutes!


Follow Boyce Avenue on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Buy ”No Limits” EP, Buy Fall Tour Tickets

All 3 brothers are from Sarasota, Florida. They have their own studio in Sarasota where they film a lot of their YouTube collaborations and make music together as brothers.

Last year between tours Alejandro broke his arm, no one ever found out and he still continues to be freakishly good at arm wrestling.

Daniel and Alejandro were born on the exact same day, 6 years apart!

Fabian does all of the design work for Boyce Avenue and has his own clothing company, These Quiet Sounds based in Sarasota. 

Fabian and Daniel like to box and both played high school basketball. P.S. Their favorite NBA team is the Houston Rockets.

Daniel has a degree from Harvard law school and interned at a Puerto Rican law firm for a summer, but he still had time for music lessons with his brothers.

Alejandro won Mr. Pine View in High School, which is the equivalent of a male pageant. His talent in the contest was performing with Daniel and Fabian!! 

Boyce Avenue is a band of 3 brothers and now Daniel now has 3 sons.

Fabian has a bachelor degree in Architecture, was in an improv troupe in college and minored in theatre.

Alejandro is a huge movie buff, it’s not likely you have seen a movie that he hasn’t….

BONUS: They filmed the video for “Speed Limit” while they were on tour in London! But you need to unlock the video in order to see it ;)

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Thankuu for the follow <3


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Escrevo pra não me aprisionar em meus próprios pensamentos que de vez em outra me faz não acreditar em mim.
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"Sou fria por dentro." Disse a geladeira.



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Quando alguém ta fazendo uma piadinha e é sobre você:




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